Iconic WA park Is able to better manage their WH&S risks with Safety First

web page 20140411_075525Araluen Botanical Park in the past have struggled to manage their WH&S. When they were introduced to the Safety First Program and gave it time to work by increasing the knowledge of the staff which in turn changed the staff culture and increased their interest it all started to fall into place. Now you can see Rod  (CEO) Grant  (Park Manager) and Barbara (Volunteer Coordinator) and Kevin York from Safety First reviewing two of their major risk being emergency preparedness and volunteers. This is the first step in the process before consultation will take place with the staff and volunteers for their input. The risk register is developed giving a corporate rating to each risk or sub risk of a risk so that the organisation is able to manage their risks in order of priority. Over the next 6-12 months all risks and their controls will have gone through the review process. This system suits Araluen who have only a small team of workers so time is of the essence.

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