Transport Industry


Total number of employees in Australia Incident rate of serious claims /1000 employees Overall industry incident rate / 1000 employees Median time lost /serious claim Median payment increase / serious claim
499,000 24.4 13.5 3.9 weeks $5,500

Transport Industry Overview

The transport industry employees close on 500,000 people across Australia, in 2007/08 there were about 10,990 serious claims made by workers arising from accidents in the industry.

This accounted for 8% of all serious claims equating to 30 serious claims per day and almost 24.4 serious claims per 1000 employees. Transport finished 2007/08 recording the highest incidence rate of all industries.

Road freight Transport as a segment of this industry had the highest number of employees (29%) and the highest number of serious claims (40%) giving it the third highest incidence rate of all groups in the Transport and Storage industry of 33 serious claims per 1000 employees. The highest segments were trailing services to water transport (39.8 serious claims per 1000 employees) and services to road transport (36.1 serious claims per 1000 employees).

While females represented 25% of employees in the Transport and storage industry in 2007-08 they lodged only 10% of the serious claims, resulting in a much lower incidence rate at 10 serious claims per 1000 employees when compared with men at 29.4 serious claims per 1000 employees.

The incidence rate of claims for men rose as age increased from 21.3 serious claims per 1000 employees between ages of 15-25 to 32.9 serious claims per 1000 employees between ages of 55-64. The incidence rate of females also rose with at from 6 serious claims between ages of 15-24 rising to 15 serious claims per 1000 employees between ages of 55-64.

It is worth noting that intermediate production and transport workers lodged 65% of all serious claims in the transport and storage sector, with 31% from truck drivers. When looking at these statistics it is interesting to highlight that only 5% of intermediate production workers and just 1% of truck drivers, were female.

Body stressing was the most common cause of serious injury in the transport and storage industry accounting for 41% of serious claims. Other common causes were falls on the same level (11%) and falls from height (9%). A higher number of claims in this industry came from vehicle accidents (7%) compared with the average across all industries of 2%.

Common causes of injury in the Transport and storage industry include sprains and strains accounting for 45% of serious claims, fractures (9%) and contusion with intact skin surface and crushing injury (8%). Employees in the Rail transport group lodged a much higher proportion of ???

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