Mining Industry


Total number of employees in Australia Incident rate of serious claims /1000 employees Overall industry incident rate / 1000 employees Median time lost /serious claim Median payment increase / serious claim
146,000 20.3 13.5 4.2 weeks $12,800

Mining Industry Overview

The Mining industry employees close to 150,000 people across Australia and in 2007/08, there were 2,840 serious claims made by workers arising from accidents in the industry.

This accounted for 2% of all serious claims equating to 7 serious claims per day and almost 17.8 serious claims per 1000 employees. Mining finished 2007/08 recording the fifth highest incidence rate of all industries.

Within the mining industry although metal ore mining employs 37% of workers they only had 27% of serious claims. Conversely coal mining employed 21% of employees and recorded 29% of serious claims.

The highest incidence rate of serious claims in the Mining Industry in 2007-08 (55.4 serious claims per 1000 workers) was in the mining N.E.C. group this includes mining for gem stones and other minerals. Employees in the Oil and gas extraction group experienced the lowest incidence rate at 9.4 serious claims per 1000 employees.

Nearly one quarter of all serious injuries; were lodged by employees classified as miners. Mining support workers and drillers assistants lodged 14% of serious injuries; metal fitters and machinists 10%; and drillers and truck drivers, each lodged 6%.

The most common causes of serious injury in the mining industry in 2007-08 was muscular stress 26% of serious claims, falls on the same level caused 15% of serious claims, long term exposure to sounds amounted to 9%; and falls from height at around 7%.

In 2007-08, 81% of serious injuries in the mining industry were caused from injury and poisoning, with sprains and strains accounting for 48% of all serious claims, fractures a further 12% of serious claims. The most common disease arose from deafness, which caused 8% of all serious claims.

The incidence rate for serious claims in the mining industry fell 26% to 20.3% the second highest decrease in any industry division and well above the 15% fall in the incidence rate for all industries. (WHAT IS THE TIME PERIOD??)

The most dramatic improvement in incidence rates over the past five years was in the oil and gas extraction group, where it fell by 61% from 21.1 to 8.3 serious claims per 1000 employees. Other mining services that provide some contract services to the mining, oil and gas operations, also recorded a fall of more than a half from 78.9 to 38.1 serious claims per 1000 employees.

Between 2002-03 and 2006-07, the median time lost from work for a serious injury in the mining industry increased by 40% to 4.2 weeks. Over the same period the median payment increased 29% to $12,800 for serious claims in the Mining industry.

Fatalities have fallen from a high of 15 in 2005-06 to 7 in 2007-08, because the number employed in the mining industry has increased by 66% in the six-year period. The fatality incidence rate has fallen from 15.7 fatalities per 100,000 employees in 2002-03 to 5.4 in 2006-07.

In 2007 – 2008 the fatality incidence rate in the mining industry stood at 5.0, the fourth highest rate of all industries and a more than double the rate to all industries of 2.4 fatalities per
100,000 employees.

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