Program Consultants

Safety First Solution is a self run and managed solution, that only needs to be guided by a skilled consultant to ensure that you lay a strong foundation for the implementation of the program to build and achieve a mature workplace safety culture.

Below is a list of our certified consultants who are not only proficient in Safety First solution and Safety Manager but also bringing along years and years of expertise in WH&S.


  Kevin York

  Principal Consultant

 Safety First WH&S Solutions

In 1993,after pursuing and establishing a successful career as an insurance broker, managing worker’s compensation policies, Kevin developed a keen interest in WH&S systems, more specifically, focusing his attention on the influence changing cultures had in impacting positvely on injury and moral outcomes for client organisations.  Read More


Greg Comans

SAFCOM Risk Management

Safety First Licenced Practice Consultant

When asked what it was he most enjoyed about his role and experience as a work health and safety practitioner, Greg Comans replied “What I like best about the work I do is my ability to make a difference in an organisation’s approach to WH&S”, which made him the ideal choice to become a Safety First consultant. Read More