In business, processes are normally initiated by management, for supervisors and employees to follow because inefficiency adds cost to a business’s bottom line.

These processes are usually designed to transfer information one way – from the top to the bottom. In Work Health and Safety (WH&S) however, the reverse is necessary. Critical information needs to flow from the bottom to the top.

Very rarely do you find processes in place that allow information to flow both ways or that effectively capture information that is useful in the management of the organisation’s workplace health and safety.

The Safety First Program is the first sophisticated tool that assists organisations in the management of their WH&S responsibilities in this way.

With Safety Manager, organisations can now deal with the four key management areas of:

Awareness • Systems • Communication • Accountability (ASCA).

Safety First solution’s philosophy is based on these four pillars.

Increase awareness of staff and managers to the dangers in the workplace. Most workplaces provide PPE and procedures. The difference in a successful workplace is that both managers and employees are aware of the risks in the workplace. Awareness is the first and most critical line of defence. It is what makes us use PPE or think about the process before we commence the task.

Increased awareness is a pre-requisite for increased participation.


The cornerstone of an effective WH&S management plan is to deliver an efficient process/system that collects and distributes information to and from staff, WH&S representatives, safety committees, managers and directors in a timely manner.

Smart, tailored systems help delivery improved efficiency and effectiveness.


The systems used must embrace modern technology (including online) allowing efficient two-way communication between staff, contractors and managers, using online inductions, emailing & SMS technology, document control to produce reports, agendas and audits.

Concise, clear communication, helps improve efficiencies and lower costs.


The entire process needs to be transparent, with the main aim being to identify any weaknesses and support effective management. Accurate record keeping demonstrates and reinforces that all reasonable actions have been taken, should an organisation’s due diligence be brought into question.

Accurate, transparent record keeping not only protects but ensures accountability.

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